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Into Bottomless Perdition

21 December 1988
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absinthe, addams family, alcool, alice in wonderland, alien sex fiend, amelie nothomb, amen, american beauty, american history x, american mcgee's alice, andy warhol, angra, apocalyptica, arcade fire, arcana, archive, artefact, barjavel, batman, baudelaire, bauhaus, beetlejuice, bjork, blanche neige, blonde redhead, chaostar, christian death, coldplay, dancer in the dark, danny elfman, daria, david bowie, david lynch, dead can dance, deathstars, def leppard, dream theatre, edgar degas, elend, emilie simon, emily the strange, entretien avec un vampire, enya, epica, eternal sunshine, ezekiel, faith and the muse, faith no more, fantomas, finntroll, futurama, ghost world, goldfrapp, grey's anatomy, happy tree friends, him, hole, hubert selby jr, iron maiden, joe la mouk, john 5, joy division, kadenzza, kidneythieves, lacuna coil, laoh, last days, le magicien d'oz, lewis carrol, london after midnight, louise attaque, matt elliot, metallica, moulin rouge, murderdolls, muse, my chemical romance, nightwish, nirvana, nosfell, opeth, pablo picasso, pj harvey, placebo, poisonblack, pulp fiction, qntal, radiohead, requiem for a dream, rhapsody, rob zombie, rocky horror show, romeo+juliette, salvador dali, sepultura, shane, sigur ros, siouxsie and the banshees, six feet under, skinny puppy, sofia coppola, sonata arctica, sonic youth, sopor aeternus, soulfly, splendora, stephen king, stone sour, stratovarius, sweet transvestite, system of a down, tatu, the birthday massacre, the cure, the doors, the dresden dolls, the hole, the l word, the others, the shining, the sisters of mercy, the virgin suicides, through the looking glass, tim burton, trainspotting, ultra vomit, urgences, veggie food, virginie despentes, wallace et gromit, zeromancer